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Where to swim in Skopelos

Skopelos, this western Aegean gem, is famous for its magnificent and sun-drenched beaches. Located in the area of Neo Klima and near to Hovolo Hotel, there is Hovolo beach, probably the most beautiful beach of the entire island. Hovolo beach is reachable by car and in fact, there is a space you can easily find a spot to park your vehicle. This is probably your dream beach, considering that is sandy and surrounded by white rocks that are sculptured by the light wind. Its turquoise waters invite you to dive into them and explore its unique seabed. Plus, did I mention that it is surrounded by a coniferous and vividly green forest? Swimming in this beach is truly a must!


Another famous beach of Skopelos is Milia. Having transparent waters and being unbelievably exotic, Milia Beach is simply astonishing. Such an amazing beach is it, that the producers of “Mamma Mia” chose to film in there several movie scenes. Moreover, this beach is organized and it has a lifeguard and a beach bar. It is an excellent option for families but also for couples and friends.


Panormos beach is another great option. Panormos is actually a large bay that keeps its waters intact from the brisk wind. It is pebbled and its waters could not be clearer, but bear in mind that it suddenly deepens. This beach is also organised and presumably, the best time to have a swim in there is in the evening, having the opportunity to enjoy the stunning sunset.


Stafylos is a beach that took its name after the Cretan King Stafylos, the son of Dionysos and the princess Ariadne, that according to Greek mythology, ruled the island and introduced to the people of Skopelos’ viticulture. You should walk a bit in order to reach this beach but the view while descending will compensate you! This beach is organized and there are few restaurants near to it.


Limnonari beach is known for its waters, that have unique blue and green hues, and its thin sand. Legend has it that this beach is named after the ancient Greek god of war Ares, who was astonished by its unique beauty. If you want to take a closer look and find out for yourself the reason why the ancient god was amazed, go there for a swim!


Agios Konstantinos beach is named after a beautiful little church, which is located near to it. It is actually a famous beach because it is said that its waters are the clearest on the island and furthermore, due to the fact that it is located near Chora (Skopelos’ main town).


Elios” or “Neo Klima” beach is also a good option. Its lovely waters along with the fact that it is easily accessible and surrounded not only by restaurants but also by a amazing pine forest, make it ideal!