Where to swim in Skopelos

Skopelos, this western Aegean gem, is famous for its magnificent and sun-drenched beaches. Located in the area of Neo Klima and near to Hovolo Hotel, there is Hovolo beach, probably the most beautiful beach of the entire island. Hovolo beach… Read More »

Skopelos’ settlements: Visit each and every one of them!

Beautifully located in the Aegean Sea, and more specifically in the Northern Sporades island complex, Skopelos truly constitutes a worth-visiting gem that, once visited, it will blow your mind with its grace. Skopelos’ natural shape resembles a saxophone with plenty of magnificent beaches… Read More »


What to see & do in Skopelos

Located in the western Aegean Sea, Skopelos belongs to the Northern Sporades and in fact, is the second largest island -after Skiathos- of this island complex. Skopelos traces its history back to the Neolithic period. During ancient times, this area… Read More »